Security- and risk management of tomorrow

Carl has solid security background with a wide experience and large, senior, cross-sector network guarantees a holistic view to organization, business, politics and society to day and in the future.

His experience provides him with a good foundation and understanding of most organizations’ terms and conditions especially in importance of public affairs, governance and security in relation to shareholders, employees as well as other stakeholders including media, politics and government. Carl is good at building relationships whilst still maintaining a strong integrity.

He poses an education background in both communication, risk- and security management in combination with several of the leading third-party accreditation both is security management, information security as well as physical security.

This background and a flexible approach makes him available for several positions with in the broader spectrum of corporate management.

Carl posses several national and international third party accreditation in both information and physical security as well as security management such as CPP, CISSP, CISM, PSP and PCI.

Carl holds an an Master of science and an Executive MBA from Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University


Certified Anti-Terrorism Officer (cATO™)
Date of Certification: 
Swedish Ship master class VIII
Date of Certification:
Swedish Yatch master
Date of Certification:
apr. 2014

Dismissed accreditation

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Logo Vector - (.SVG + .PNG) -  GetLogoVector.ComCertifierad säkerhetschefFöretagsuniversitetet
ISMP Information security management professional,
SC0373-16 – RISE, Statens Provningsanstalt, expired 31/12-20

Not renewed due to the standard being discontinued and re-certification no longer being allowed
SSF 1071 certified security manager ,
13-581 – SBSC, expired 31/12-20

Not renewed due to the standard being discontinued and re-certification no longer being allowed

CSC Certifierad CSO, Företagsuniversitetet, expired 31/12-20

Not renewed due to commercial reasons. Did not see value in compare to cost

Current assignments

Past assignments

University exams

Diploma education

Advanced vocational training

Vocational training

University courses independent of programs

  • Introductory Law, Uppsala Universitet – 15 credits
  • Public law, Uppsala University – 15 credits
  • The implementation of EU Law in Swedish Labour and Employment Law I – Stockholm University – 15 credits
  • Labour Law II – Stockholms University 7,5 credits
  • Data Protection Law incl GDPR, Lund University, 15 credits
  • Swedish Security Law, Mittuniversitetet – 7,5 credits
  • Public procurement law, Hogskolan i Borås – 7,5 crdits
  • Cooperation in crisis and trauma, Högskolan i väst – 7,5 credits
  • The history of racist ideas, Stockholm University – 7,5 credits
  • Building components and installation technology, Gävle Högskola – 7,5 credits
  • Media development and media structure, Södertörns Högskola – 7,5 credits
  • Media in culture and society, Södertörns Högskola – 15 credits
  • Jihadism och terrorism, Jönköpings Universitet – 7,5 credits (ongoing)
  • Practical project managment, Stockholm Universitet – 7,5 credits (ongoing)

Other professional training

  • Information security- step 1 according to ISO 27000 – SIS information security academy
  • Information security – step 2 according to ISO 27000 – SIS information security academy
  • To lead and constantly improve within ISO 27000 – SIS information security academy
  • To manage information security risks within ISO 27000 – SIS information security academy
  • Liquidity Enhancement – Nasdaq
  • First North Growth Market Rules & Regulations Training – Nasdaq
  • Step to the Main Market – Nasdaq
  • Handling of security protected information according to Swedish protective security act – Swedish contingency agency
  • The principle of openness and the application of the Freedom of Expression Act in the public sector
  • Travel security – International SOS
  • Kidnap and ransom incident management – Control Risk
  • Manage executive protection – ASIS International
  • Protection of critical infrastructure – Swedish contingency agency
  • PCI – preparation course ASIS International
  • CPP – preparation course ASIS International
  • CISM – preparation course Isaca Sweden
  • First Class system administration and development
  • IBM Domino system administration and development
  • Philips PBX system administration
  • Alcatel PBX system administration

Above is a selection of courses. Over the years, I have participated in most courses in relation to presentation, rhetoric, leadership and group collaboration as well as more professional courses that I do not have exact notes on